My Client Collaboration with Kámen Road

Over the last 3 months, I've been creating content for Kámen Road. I've been creating instagram posts, website images, and blog interviews. They asked me as a final task to do an interview for them. You can read the full interview here, or read below!

How did you choose the creative field that you are in?

It kind of just happened. I was always a creative person growing up but didn’t decide on pursuing something creative until half way through college. I received my degree in Industrial Design but later, fell into photography. I took photos for my school’s fashion magazine and fell in love with the craft. After college, I wanted to take more photos and eventually it blossomed into what I do today.



 How do you approach a creative project?

I like to sketch out initial ideas, flip through magazines, go to the latest museum exhibit or scroll through Pinterest. From there, if it’s a photo project, I like to get a team together. Depending on budget, or what it’s for will determine who will be on the team. If the budget is higher, I’ll hire a makeup artist, hair artist, stylist, model and assistant. If the budget is lower, it will likely just be me and the model who will likely just be a friend who is willing to work for free. After the team is established, I’ll shoot the project, edit it, then deliver it to the client and/or share it for my social media audience.


What would you say is the goal that you have for all your different projects?

My goal is to become a creative director. I would love to be a creative director of a fashion label, big or small. I know that this takes time, patience and a lot of experience. A lot of people think they are creative directors, but don’t actually know what it takes to become one. You have to know art history, advertisement history, graphic design, photography, typography etc to really know how to direct a brand in the right direction. I hope that I can truly master all those skills in the future to fulfill my goal.


Who are your biggest influence(s)?

My biggest influence at the moment is Gary Vee and if you own a small business, or any business of that matter, I encourage you all to listen to his Podcasts or YouTube videos. He teaches you how to approach social media tactics, how to improve your business and why creating an Internet presence is relevant. He says the older generation might say, “Oh kids these days don’t enjoy life and are always on their screens” but then he says, “Yeah, and it’s not gonna change, so get with it, or get left behind.” This world is changing, and it always changes generation to generation, so I believe it’s important to adapt to the change.

My other big influences are my parents who are both entrepreneurs and encourage my dreams/ goals.


How do you stay in your best creative space?

It honestly changes all the time. I get rushes of creativity and then sometimes I hit dead ends. I just listen to inspirational people in the industry, meet new people and travel. 

How do you define fashion?

Fashion is what you make of it. It can be crazy. It can be tame. It’s honestly up to you. I think the best fashion is when it makes people question everything. This is why Alexander Wang is one of my favorite designers. His designs are emotive. They can make you uncomfortable, but I enjoy that. A lot of fashion is passive and doesn’t have purpose and I hate that. Whether it’s being sustainable, creating art or expressing an emotion, fashion should have a purpose, or else I think it’s a waste of resources.


How can people work with you?

If people want to work with me they can direct message me on Instagram or email me at . I read and respond to every message!

Thank you Genét!