Sweet Dream

One day, my uncle sent me his old fraternity picture (scroll to the bottom to see the picture). I was instantly inspired by their closeness/ their relationship with each other. I wanted to create the same feeling and keep with the aesthetic but with a modern twist. So, I rented out this STUNNING Airbnb in Minneapolis for the day. The owners of the Airbnb were so nice and welcoming and were creatives themselves, so fully understood why I wanted to use their place to shoot in. I’m so grateful for my patient and talented team who helped put this vision together! Let me know your favorite image in the comments below!


Photographer: Me, Genét Jean-Pierre 

Models: Jordan Starks and Maiya Hartman

Stylists: Trevor Small & Sophia Stewart

Makeup: Quinn Nelson

Lighting: César Buitrago

BTS/Video: Muktaar Hassan 

Thank you so much for looking through this editorial that me and my team put together. If you'd like to buy one of the images for your home you can click here or go to the 'shop' section of my website. All proceeds will go to creating more beautiful images, and buying equipment to continue improving my craft <3! Stay tuned for behind-the-scenes coming soon. Till next time!

Inspiration Picture: 



Recreation shot by César Buitrago